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Enhance Microsoft 365 Security (Educational Insights)

Microsoft 365 Security
Discover insider information into securing Microsoft 365 from Forbe Technology Council member Don Baham of Kraft Technology Group.

Is My Traditional Work Office Even Required Post-COVID-19?

COVID 19 Return to Work
After the Coronavirus stormed the globe in early 2020, the business world has been left reeling. Many businesses that couldn't afford to survive the lockdowns closed their doors permanently while others just barely stayed afloat by cutting staff dramatically and allowing those who were left to work from home remotely.

VPN Vulnerabilities May Pose Alarming Threats to Calgary’s Oil & Gas Companies

Calgary Oil and Gas
Remote work solutions have helped many companies remain operational during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many companies had to adapt to such technologies to rapidly. They put all their trust in end-user VPN for their cybersecurity needs.

Three Crucial Questions When Updating Strategy Post COVID19

Business Post COVID19
As businesses start to recover from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, businesses need to update their strategies and build resilience.

Top IT Companies In Calgary (2020 List)

Top IT Companies In Calgary
Discover who the top Calgary IT companies are for 2020. Exclusive list of the most trusted names in IT services in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Business Migration To The Cloud: Top Challenges

Migration To The Cloud
Discover what are the top business challenges as organizations migrate to the cloud. Top industry leaders offer recommendations and suggestions.

Why Use Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS) To Protect Your Business

Cisco Umbrella
360 Smart Networks helps organizations overcome many of the cybersecurity challenges they have each day.  Cisco Umbrella and other solutions have proven to be worth their weight in gold.

Top Online Privacy Tips Every Small Business Must Observe

Online Privacy
Online privacy is crucial when protecting a business against cybercrimes. Small businesses should note that digital privacy is an issue for corporates of all sizes, both small and large, and their clients and employees are not immune to cyber threats.

Simple Steps to Get Your Own Skype Phone Number

Skype Phone Number
Skype offers you an alternative and convenient way to ensure continued communication through making and receiving calls.

Everything You Need to Know About Consent Phishing Attacks

Phishing in Calgary
With much of Calgary’s workforce now confined to their homes and working remotely, much has changed in the organizations are handling their day-to-day business.