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17 schools in Calgary are currently having coronavirus outbreaks

A total of 17 Calgary schools are facing a COVID-19 outbreak, two of which are under surveillance.

The province of Alberta website shows that Chris Akkerman School, Notre Dame High School, Lester B. Pearson High School, Henry Wise Wood High School, Auburn Bay School, Crescent Heights High School, Clarence Sansom School, Saddle Ridge School and Nelson Mandela High School The Apostles of Jesus, Glenmeadows School, St. Benedict School, Vista Heights School, Monterey Park School, and King George School are all seeing an outbreak of two to four known cases of coronavirus .

According to the province, an outbreak is defined as two or more identified cases.

All 15 of these schools will remain open “with near normal operations with some public health measures,” according to the province.

An outbreak of this size also means that the parents may have received a warning from the school and that Alberta Health Services may be working with the schools.

Two schools in Calgary, St. Wilfred Elementary School and Canyon Meadows School, are under surveillance, which means there have been five or more cases “where the disease could be acquired or transmitted at school”.

Yellow: No schools with more than 5 cases. Blue: Five or more cases (Province of Alberta)

A “guard” means that the school will remain open but will be monitored by the province and the Alberta Health Service. Additional health measures may be in place to control the spread of the coronavirus in school.

St. Wilfred Elementary School and Canyon Meadows School are the only schools in Calgary beyond five known cases, although Edmonton has five schools monitored and a total of 26 erupting.

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