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A violent perpetrator has moved from Edmonton to Calgary: CPS

The Calgary Police Service warns the public that a violent criminal recently moved to Calgary.

A November 10 release from CPS states that 22-year-old Tristan Thom moved to Calgary about a month after being released from custody in the Edmonton area.

An October 11 dismissal from the Edmonton Police Service at the time Thom was released states that he is “capable of extreme violence, particularly under the influence of drugs and alcohol”.

“Thom will resort to violence when he perceives that he is being challenged or disrespected by others and that acts of violence can occur in public or social settings.”

Thom is described as 5’10 ”, 160 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair.

EPS notes that the information about Thom’s release has been released to the public as a precautionary measure as they believe that he “poses a significant risk to the community”.

Similarly, the Calgary Police Service has issued a press release stating that Thom has moved to Calgary in the interests of the Calgarians, so that individuals can take appropriate precautions.

The press release also notes that no one is being encouraged to take vigilante action.

Thom is not bound by any conditions or court orders.

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