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An open letter, signed by major media representatives, condemns Canada’s reporting as crooked towards Israel

The Canadian Broadcasting Center in Toronto, the main English-speaking checkpoint of the CBC. Photo: Adam Moss / Wikimedia.

Over 1,500 people, including major media outlets, issued an open letter on Sunday denouncing Canadian media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and calling for a more pro-Palestinian approach.

The open letter condemns a “lack of nuanced Canadian media coverage” and claims without evidence that there have been “forced expulsions” of Palestinians and “indiscriminate” Israeli air strikes in recent days.

The letter also claims that it did not cover a recent controversial Human Rights Watch report of the attack on Israel, and claims that Canadian news reports “involve Israeli politicians and organizations, and representatives of the Israeli government and military; Palestinian voices are rarely ever centered or featured. “

It is also alleged that “some groups” claim that Israel’s actions in Gaza “constitute ethnic cleansing” and that they should be covered as such.

She then accuses Israel of a range of crimes and, despite calling for nuances, says subjects such as “dispossession” and “violence against innocent civilians” are “not complicated”.

The letter is signed by Andray Domise, an editor of Maclean’s magazine, among others. Kashmala Fida, a digital collaborator with the Canadian Public Broadcasting Company; Arun Srinivasan, author and editor of Yahoo Sports Canada; Aída Chávez, the Washington correspondent for The Nation; Asmaa Malik, Associate Professor at the Ryerson School of Journalism; Andrea Bellemare, producer at CBC Radio; Ishmael N. Daro, digital editor of the left-wing media company Democracy Now !; Nadia Abu-Zahra, Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa; and around 1,500 others.

The monitoring group HonestReporting Canada responded to the letter by saying, “At its core, a fundamental principle of honest and ethical journalism is to be objective and politically neutral. The people who signed this anti-Israel letter have shown that they are more interested in advocacy journalism and actively taking sides, Palestinians against Israel, than neutral observers. “

“Any Canadian journalist who signed this letter should never be allowed to report on the Arab-Israeli conflict again, given its clear anti-Israel bias, which is fully manifest,” the group said.

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