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Barre Belle is permanently closing its Calgary studios due to a pandemic

Another gym in Calgary has closed its doors due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Barre Belle issued a press release on Nov. 4 stating that they will permanently close their personal studios in Calgary and Vancouver as coronavirus cases continue to rise in Alberta, difficult to keep the community safe.

The company noted that it would continue to offer classes at the physically distant Studio X in Calgary, as well as virtual classes.

Studio X is located in the CORE mall, offers smaller class sizes and requires all attendees to bring their own equipment.

“What has emerged with outstanding clarity in these turbulent times is the strength and resilience of our Barre Belle community. Over the past 5 years you have supported us personally as we expanded across the country and you supported us as we digitized with The Belle Bod and offered your online courses and virtual experiences from our living quarters, ”reads in the press release.

“While the personal aspects of Barre Belle may prevent us from being together, we hope that you have found a sense of community and support in our Belle Bod program. We are very excited about the upcoming trip and the opportunity to continue our new path in this virtual community. “

Barre Belle also announced that it is hoping to safely reopen its Queen West studio in Toronto at some point in the future.

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