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Beaver and coyote clash in downtown Calgary (VIDEO)

If you ever wanted proof that dogs and coyotes are related, this might be just the thing.

Calgarian woman Caillie Mutterbeck spotted an amusing exchange between two animals in Prince’s Island Park one evening last week in which a coyote appears to be trying a beaver to play.


– Capercaillie (@mttrbck) March 12, 2021

The beaver has none of this and hits the other animal with its tail warningly. Eventually he even pounces on the coyote to get him to retreat.

The coyote sped away for a moment before coming back and circling the beaver further.

Mutterbeck witnessed the playful interaction on Thursday evening and the next day tweeted videos and photos she had taken from the exchange.

@ mttrbck / Twitter

@ mttrbck / Twitter

Beaver coyote

@ mttrbck / Twitter

If only everyone could be so lucky to spot cute animal interactions around town – as long as they all end so happily and don’t prey on an animal!

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