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Below freezing temperatures, snowfall is expected for Calgary this weekend

It looks like this wintry weather will last for at least a few more days.

Our weather forecast for the weekend shows freezing temperatures and there is a bit of snow on the way for Calgary between now and Sunday evening, proving that fall is really fleeting here in YYC.

The forecast suggests that Thursday will likely be the Calgarians’ last chance to break above freezing for the foreseeable future, with midday heat reaching a scorching 1 ° C.

However, this heat wave will dissipate by Friday and will be the warmest at 0 ° C and the coldest at -6 ° C.

The same cold will be felt in the factories on Saturday with a maximum of -1 ° C, a minimum of -7 ° C and some snow.

Sunday is the coldest day of the entire weekend with a high of only -5 ° C and a low of -10 ° C.

If you haven’t found your favorite mittens, hood and scarf combo, you may want to do so sooner rather than later as we don’t see a chinook on the trail anytime soon.

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