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Bioenterprise, Platform Calgary and TEC Edmonton form a partnership to accelerate startups in the agricultural sector in Alberta

CALGARY, ALBERTA & EDMONTON, ALBERTA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Platform Calgary, Bioenterprise and TEC Edmonton are working on a new program to help Alberta agricultural startups and entrepreneurs grow and thrive. This program was launched in late 2020 with financial support from the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification Canada and is the first of its kind in Alberta.

This new collaboration will accelerate startups in the ag sector and help entrepreneurs with the business and technology aspects of their business. The program is carried out virtually, making it more accessible to the participation of entrepreneurs in all parts of the province. Participants will have a single point of access to dormitory entrepreneurs, mentors, technical expertise, and bespoke business advisory services for startups and growing businesses.

“The growth of Western Canada’s agricultural sector is an integral part of our government’s focus on creating quality jobs and building a resilient economy,” said Honorable Mélanie Joly, Minister for Economic Development and Languages ​​and Minister for Western Economic Diversification in Canada. “This collaboration between Western Economic Diversification Canada and three leading business accelerators will help young agricultural startups thrive by providing them with support and expertise to help their innovative products and technologies thrive in a global marketplace. This will create good jobs and help our economy recover more strongly. ”

“Bioenterprise has a long history of providing extensive expertise, knowledge and connections to companies across Canada. This partnership with TEC Edmonton and Platform Calgary will increase the capacity and efficiency of Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. By connecting universities, community colleges, incubators and accelerators through a collaborative engine, agricultural and food technology companies have access to the critical services and investment funds that accelerate business growth and create jobs in Alberta, ”said Dave Smardon, CEO of Bioenterprise.

“This is an exciting example of how Western Economic Diversification Canada and innovation-driven service providers come together to support a critical economic engine across Alberta,” said Darrell Petras, executive vice president of business development at TEC Edmonton. “We strive to complement Platform Calgary and Bioenterprise with comprehensive one-on-one coaching for scaling companies. Building on our shared networks of service providers and investors, we offer Alberta-based agri-food technology companies a unique opportunity to accelerate their growth. ”

“At Platform Calgary, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. This program is a perfect example of the great work we can do for startups when we get together, ”says Dr. Terry Rock, CEO of Platform Calgary. “This program cannot come soon enough. It is a critical time as many companies and startups are grappling with the effects of the global pandemic. Our combined expertise and knowledge will provide all the resources ag startups need to successfully start and establish their businesses. ”

Given the significant growth in agrotechnology and food technology in recent years, the next step is to involve other stakeholders in the Alberta ag and food community. The ultimate goal is to support Alberta’s long history of agricultural innovation.

About Bioenterprise Corporation:

Bioenterprise is Canada’s Food and Agri-Tech Engine and brings more than 15 years of industry experience to help companies connect, innovate, and grow! Bioenterprise leverages its industry-experienced service partner network to provide services and mentoring for intellectual property, regulation, law, talent, sales, marketing and other experts. Our executive team has over 30 years of funding experience, providing feedback and coaching on how to acquire public, private funding or investment from a variety of sources and how to connect directly to those funding flows. The Bioenterprise Engine is a national and global network that includes research institutes, universities, industry mentors, various levels of government and companies that make Canadian agro technology and food such a powerful industry. Our partnerships with other industries such as IBM Canada open doors to innovative new technologies and platforms for our businesses to thrive. Let the engine drive your own success and scale with Bioenterprise.

To learn more about Bioenterprise, visit www.bioenterprise.ca

About TEC Edmonton:

TEC Edmonton is a business accelerator that helps emerging technology companies grow successfully. As a joint venture between the University of Alberta and Edmonton Economic Development, TEC Edmonton operates the Edmonton’s largest accelerator for early-stage technology companies and manages the commercialization of the University of Alberta’s technologies.

Since 2011, TEC customers have generated over $ 1 billion in revenue, raised $ 504 million in funding and financing, invested $ 278 million in research and development, and increased both revenue and employment by 37 percent annually . Today they employ over 2,200 people in the region. TEC has helped found 37 University of Alberta spin-off companies over the past seven years.

In 2018, TEC Edmonton was named the third best University Business Accelerator in the world by the University Business Incubator (UBI) global index. Further information is available at TECEdmonton.com.

About the Calgary platform:

The Calgary Platform brings together all of the resources and partners of the Calgary technology startup ecosystem to create shared prosperity that benefits all Calgarians. Through collaboration and targeted programming, we are the regional center responsible for the tech startup ecosystem and the engine for new economic growth and job creation. We’re triple our local tech industry and adding 30,000 new jobs in Calgary to 3,000 new businesses in Calgary by 2031.

If you or your company would like to join Platform Calgary to build the Calgary innovation community, please visit platformcalgary.com.

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