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Calgarians asked to hold onto blue carts at the Calgary recycling facility following the COVID-19 outbreak

City officials are urging the Calgarians to hold onto their recycled materials as a COVID-19 outbreak at the Cascades Recovery Recycling Facility has temporarily disrupted the organization’s ability to accept waste.

“We have to stop the collection of the blue trash cans,” said Tom Sampson, chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) on Thursday.

Sampson added that due to the facility’s inability to accept material, any product collected from blue bins this week will have to go to the landfill.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi also noted that residents should, if possible, save their recycled materials while the facility recovers from the outbreak.

“If it is not full and you have the option to hold it for a week, please do so.”


COVID-19 outbreak at the Calgary recycling facility is currently not affecting the blue cart program

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During Thursday’s press conference, Sampson also noted that additional police officers will be patrolling the streets of the city over the long weekend in May.

“You can expect our peace officers’ activities to intensify this weekend,” he said.

“Don’t be surprised if our peace officers give you a ticket so that you don’t distance yourself socially.”

Sampson noted that additional officials will also be checking in at companies that reopened in the city in Phase 1 of the province’s relaunch strategy.

“The Public Safety Task Force will be on duty starting today, investigating companies across the city to make sure instructions are being followed,” he said.

1:00Calgary is changing sports restrictions

Calgary Changes Sports Restrictions – May 14, 2020

As the city prepares for the long weekend, Sampson also emphasized the importance of understanding the regulations that are still in place in the city.

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He noted that all playgrounds in Calgary are closed but that playing sports with family members is permitted. Sampson added that using outdoor recreational facilities with friends is also permitted as long as no devices are shared.

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“If you have a family of five you can do the same sport together,” he said. “But if you don’t belong to the same family, you have to be two meters apart … and the contestants cannot touch the same ball or other device with their hands.”

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What you can and can’t do on May 14th in Calgary in Phase 1 of the Alberta relaunch

The Calgary press conference will be held on the same day Alberta embarks on the first phase of its relaunch strategy, with restrictions being gradually lifted.

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney announced on Wednesday that restrictions in Calgary and Brooks, Alta, are still being gradually eased.

Nenshi noted that while Calgary did not learn much that it would be a slower opening process than the rest of the province, he agrees with the government’s decision.

“I want people to understand that the choice made is a public health choice,” he said.

“I hear from Calgarians that most Calgarians agree that it was the right thing … But I feel bad about restaurants preparing to reopen.

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“Now we are in a state where the food will spoil in the next 10 days.”

Click here to play the video.  'Nenshi responds to Calgary province's belated reopening'

1:46Nenshi is reacting to the belated reopening of the province in Calgary

Nenshi is responding to the delayed reopening of the province in Calgary on May 14, 2020

Starting May 14th, the following will reopen and restart in Calgary:

  • Retail businesses such as clothing stores, furniture stores, bookstores, and farmers market vendors
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Day care and extracurricular care with limited occupancy
  • Some planned, non-urgent operations that are gradually resuming
  • Services offered by regulated health professionals, provided they continue to follow approved guidelines set by their colleges

On May 25, the province will allow the reopening of hair salons and barber shops in Calgary in addition to cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars – but only 50 percent.

On June 1, the province will allow the following to begin operations:

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  • Day camps, including summer schools, with occupancy restrictions
  • Places of worship and funeral services if they follow industry-specific guidelines
  • Post-secondary institutions that see more flexibility in taking in-person lessons once the existing health ordinance that bans in-person tuition is repealed

Progression to Level 2 is determined by the success of Level 1, taking into account the capacity of the health system, hospital stays and ICU cases, and infection rates.

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