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Calgary businesses are finding creative solutions to stay competitive during the Calgary COVID-19 pandemic

There are some small and independent businesses in Calgary that are thriving despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Two local companies saw an opportunity during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Small business owners in Alberta have closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Megan Huchkowsky opened Doodle Dogs, a pet store specializing in handcrafted Canadian products, in 2016.

Huchkowsky added a second location in the Bridgeland neighborhood in 2019 and plans to open a third store in November.

When the pandemic broke out, Huchkowsky took the opportunity to find a niche that needed filling.

“We recently had to close our doors during the pandemic and it gave us a really good opportunity while we were delivering the next day to find out where there were some key holes in our market that lacked some animal nutrition and product options. ” She said.

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The COVID-19 pandemic could mean a permanent shutdown for Plus-15 companies in Calgary

When Mike Kallal’s downtown oil and gas office closed due to the novel coronavirus, he started an online business that rented sports and home improvement equipment.

“I’ve seen all of these one-time, twice-weekly items that we use and thought, ‘You know, people would probably rent these if we made it really easy for them to get these items, have them shipped for free, and get them take them off when they’re done, ”said Kallal.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce said the ability of small businesses to adapt and reinvent themselves depends on the economic recovery.

The board added that it was the government’s responsibility to remove barriers to allow local businesses to thrive.

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