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Calgary City Council apologizes for the controversial freedom of expression

CALGARY – A councilor apologized after receiving a backlash to controversial comment related to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The incident occurred late Monday night in council chambers when Ward 6 Coun. Jeff Davison spoke to Calgary businessman Jim Gray during the Green Line LRT alignment debate.

Gray is one of the men behind an ad hoc group that is questioning the Green Line project.

Davison thanked Gray for his work, but also apologized for all the “bad” things people said about him on social media.

“I want you to know that at a time when we are currently advocating free speech for all and human rights abuses in this city, I find it completely hypocritical for some of my colleagues to say social things to the media and in the media yours Reflecting character while saying, “But I stand for human rights,” said Davison.

“So I am appalled by some of the actions and comments from some of my fellow councilors, and I just want you to know, I don’t feel that way. We can agree on some things, we can disagree on some things, but I do wants you to know that we respect you and thank you for the time you spent on this file. “

The comment immediately hit a nerve on Twitter when several people protested Davison’s remarks.

Disagreement is indeed a part of public policy and order. Part of both should be to propose, as a person in power, that those without that power should not express their dissatisfaction with the decision-making process from which they are excluded from https://t.co/KV0LEoyYaR

– Dr. Lindsay Tedds @ ♀️️‍ (@LindsayTedds) June 2, 2020

You equated questioning a multi-million dollar oil baron with a violation of human rights.
That is the deification of a man and an industry.
That you would take advantage of the current climate of justice and police brutality to lay 1 man at your feet is morally bankrupt. #yyccc #blacklivesmatter https://t.co/mCn1j8J3Vv

– BD Silva (@thatSilvaLining) June 2, 2020

I can’t believe any city council compared that moment in history, the struggle for human rights and the lives of black people, to legitimate criticism of influential Calgary people.

I’m speechless.

– Romy (@RomyYYC) June 2, 2020

Ward 6 City Council apologized on Twitter Tuesday morning.

1 / Looking back on what I said last night, it was a mistake to combine the important discussion we are having as a community about human rights with the cheap recordings that some councilors and their staff have made of members of our community. #yyccc

– Jeff Davison (@JeffDavisonYYC) June 2, 2020

2 / These are completely separate issues and the issue of discrimination is far more important. I share the distaste and horror we all feel at the treatment and death of George Floyd by a police officer. #yyccc

– Jeff Davison (@JeffDavisonYYC) June 2, 2020

4 / I feel very bad about what I said last night.

I’m so sorry.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to show that I am serious about working with all members of our community to make this a place of opportunity and fairness for all. #yyccc

– Jeff Davison (@JeffDavisonYYC) June 2, 2020

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