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Calgary City Council, Farrell, complains to the Integrity Officer about the Farkas Flyer – Calgary

A flyer allegedly sent to other constituencies by the Department 11 office has prompted Calgary City Councilor Druh Farrell to file a complaint with the city’s Integrity Commissioner.

Farrell told the city council on Wednesday evening that it had been informed by “a number of people” that a leaflet with a city logo had been sent from Councilor Jeromy Farkas’ office about the Large Community Guide to homes in several boroughs of the city.

Farrell said she heard reports of the flyer “going to Station 2, Station 4, Station 8, Station 9, and Station 13”.

“I filed a complaint from the Integrity Officer,” Farrell said. “We’re here to represent our community, not the whole city, and I found that immensely inappropriate.”

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Farrell’s comments come after Calgarians social media posts surfaced outside Ward 11 this week claiming to have received the flyer in the mail.

Several people who received the flyer also reached out to Global News.

Janet Hutchinson has lived in Ward 8 for many years and said she was surprised to see a flyer from another councilor in her mail last week.

“I expect communications from my city council, not another city council. and if he’s communicating in his role as councilor, I don’t need to hear from him, ”Hutchinson told Global News. “If he is communicating in his role as a candidate for mayor, there should be no information about the city of Calgary.”

Hutchinson said she also filed a complaint with the city’s integrity officer.

“I just think if Councilor Farkas really wants to be mayor, he has to be overboard in everything he does,” said Hutchinson. “That’s why I sent it to the integrity officer because I thought we needed an answer to it.”

We don’t live in Ward 11. We never lived in Ward 11. We’re not even close to the 11-8 limit. This was in our mailbox on Friday. Note to @JeromyYYC – If you don’t know your parish limits, you’re not ready to become mayor. #yyccc pic.twitter.com/qVY8vDGgb1

– Janet Hutchinson (@JanetEHutchins) March 23, 2021

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However, Farkas said that if someone outside his ward received the letter, it could have been a mistake by Canada Post.

“I have approved a publication in my capacity as representative of Ward 11,” Farkas told the council. “It is my duty to express my views on local planning issues and to inform the public of any suggestions.”

Farkas said the flyer included his opinion in the guide for large communities and was informed through meetings of the city committee, correspondence with constituents, and meetings with the city government.

He added that he wanted to emphasize the public to educate himself on the subject.

“It was only sent to station 11, and if it was sent to other stations that would have been the Canada Post’s mistake,” Farkas said. “If there was evidence that it was sent elsewhere, I would appreciate it from Councilor Farrell or anyone else.”

A copy of the flyer allegedly broadcast outside the boundaries of Ward 11 and obtained from Global News.

Received from Global News

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Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said that since the complaint is before the integrity commissioner, it would be inappropriate to discuss the matter further. The mayor added that he had also heard from people living outside of Farkas’ parish who received the flyer.

“I don’t mind telling you, Councilor Farkas, that I myself have heard from about half a dozen citizens outside your community who have received it from afar,” said Nenshi. “You may want to check with Canada Post, they may have overwhelmed you.”

On Thursday, the mayor said it was unclear whether allegedly sending council material outside of their community would be against the council’s code of conduct.

“I would suggest that the city councils get a budget and that the budget be spent on projects in their community,” Nenshi told reporters. “Can you use this budget to spend money outside of your community, especially if you are in a process of wanting citywide recognition and recognition of yourself?

“In other words, when you’re running for mayor and using a budget dedicated to Ward 11 to spread information outside of Ward 11 with your picture on it.”

Global News reached out to City Integrity Officer Meryl Whittaker for comment on whether an investigation into the Flyer had been initiated.

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According to a spokesman for the city, the integrity officer can only comment after an investigation, and only if the investigation reveals that a city council has violated the code of conduct for elected officials. The spokesman added that a report would also be sent to the council, which would be made public.

However, no report will be filed if an investigation reveals no violation.

  • With files from Adam Toy, Global News

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