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Calgary experienced the warmest March 14th in over 100 years: Environment Canada

After experiencing the warmest spring weather of the year yet in Calgary last week, things culminated in a new record temperature on Sunday afternoon.

Environment Canada data shows the temperature hit 18.7 ° C at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 14, 2 ° higher than the previous record of 16.7 ° C in 1910.

Last year, the lowest temperature measured on March 14th was -21.4 ° C, which corresponds to a difference of almost 40 °.

This temperature data was recorded at the Calgary International Airport.

Other areas of the province saw similar highs with record temperatures like Lethbridge at 19.8 ° C (up from 19.6 ° C in 1992) and Drumheller at 18.7 ° C (up from 16.9 ° C in 2015).

It is currently 0 ° C in Calgary, with a high of 4 ° C forecast for Monday.

As the week progressed, things were warming up, and we saw temperatures as high as 14 ° C by Thursday. However, storms are expected on Saturday.

The weather network

It looks like we’re back to the regularly changing spring weather in Calgary and it doesn’t seem like another record high temperature is coming our way this week.

We hope you could get outside and enjoy the sun over the weekend, YYC!

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