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Calgary has issued over 250 tickets for mask law violations

The City of Calgary enacted a COVID-19 provisional statute for face coverings on August 1st. Since then, 258 violation tickets have been issued if no face covering was worn when necessary.

A city press release said that 36 tickets have been issued since February 25.

In December, the Calgary City Council extended the provisional statute to December 2021. The council also increased penalties for missing a face covering and for repeated violations within a 12-month period.

Last week, the City of Calgary was informed that the ministerial order that allowed community peace officials to respond to violations under the CMOH had expired.

“We are pleased to announce today that the Attorney General has issued a new ministerial order that allows all peace officers to reinstate CMOH public health violations,” the City of Calgary said in a statement Friday morning.

This arrangement is equivalent to prior authorization, which can be used to enforce physical distancing requirements, business restrictions, or restriction collection.

City of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Police Service, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and Occupational Safety and Health Inspectors and Partners for Corporate Licenses have formed a Public Health Compliance (PHC) team.

The PHC monitors compliance, addresses concerns, and supports measures to protect the Calgarians.

This team conducts regular inspections. Any non-material company operating outside of current PHA guidelines may suspend or revoke its business license in addition to multiple fines.

A ticket has been issued since August if a company does not display the required signage in an entrance area of ​​a public indoor space.

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