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Calgary has issued over 360 tickets for mask law violations

Since the city enacted a temporary COVID-19 statute for face coverings on Aug. 1, Calgary has received 367 violations tickets for not wearing face coverings when necessary.

A recent press release from the City of Calgary said that of those 22 tickets have been issued since April 8th.

In December, the Calgary City Council extended the provisional statute through December 2021.

The council also increased penalties for lack of face covering and for repeated violations within a 12 month period.

The City of Calgary says that under the current leadership of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, public health enforcement will continue as the pandemic progressed.

Any non-essential business operating outside of applicable public health guidelines may, in addition to multiple fines, receive a ticket, be suspended, or revoke its business license.

In responding to a breach complaint, AHS has the right to enter a property and conduct an inspection in accordance with public health regulations.

AHS is the primary investigator for these complaints; However, Calgary Peace Officers and the Calgary Police Force may attend inspections to provide uniformed support to AHS and help enforce orders.

The city continues to prioritize enforcement on events that pose the greatest risk to the public, including major protests or gatherings. The City of Calgary is not issuing protest permits and continues to discourage gatherings on the advice of the Alberta Chief Medical Officer.

“We understand the implications and adversity of a number of companies that have closed or changed their services,” says the City of Calgary.

“[We] I want to thank citizens and businesses for continuing to adhere to public health regulations and for playing an important role in the health of all Calgarians. “

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