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Calgary is among the 50 best cities in the world in 2021

According to Resonance Consultancy’s World Reson Cities 2021 report, Calgary was named one of the 50 best cities in the world.

The consultant for tourism, real estate and economic development based in Vancouver and New York publishes the ranking annually. This year, Calgary was ranked 47th after Copenhagen (Denmark) and ahead of Orlando (USA) and is the fourth highest Canadian city on the list after Toronto (13th), Vancouver (34th) and Montreal (41st).

The report assesses the relative quality of the world’s “capitals” – the largest city in each statistical metropolitan area – with a population of a million or more, based on categories ranging from physical location to wealth. `and people.

According to the report, despite its volatile economy, Calgary has earned points for its population, education, and foreign-born residents.

“People here walk like New Yorkers and get to the point like Texans,” the report said.

“New projects, such as the recently opened Central Library in the emerging cultural center of the East Village, are strengthening the city’s praised quality of life despite the current struggle.”

The report analyzes cities based on the following categories:

Place – Focuses on the levels of physical experience of a place. Think about the weather, safety, neighborhoods and sights, and the outdoors.
Product – Described as a city’s “hardware” ranking, airport connectivity, attractions, museums, university rankings, and the like are considered.
Prosperity – Focuses on the number of Global 500 corporate offices and GDP – Gross Domestic Product – per capita.
Programming – This category measures the “experience pillars of a great visit: food, shows, shopping and nightlife” and includes culture, nightlife, eating and shopping.
Promotion – This section covers “a city’s ability to tell its story,” and covers Facebook check-ins, TripAdvisor reviews, Google searches, Instagram hashtags, and more.
People – This measures how diverse a city’s population is, as well as the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Calgary improved one place over the previous year.

The following are the top 20 world’s best cities in 2020:

1. London, England

2. New York City, United States

3. Paris, France

4. Moscow, Russia

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7. Singapore, Singapore

8. Barcelona, ​​Spain

9. Los Angeles, United States

10. Madrid, Spain

11. Rome, Italy

12. Chicago, United States

13. Toronto, Canada

14. San Francisco, United States

15. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

16. St. Petersburg, Russia

17. Amsterdam, Netherlands

18. Berlin, Germany

19. Prague, Czech Republic

20. Washington DC, United States

Other Canadian cities that made it into the top 100 were Ottawa at # 67 and Edmonton at # 76.

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