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Calgary is extending its face protecting legislation by the tip of 2021 and rising fines

It seems we could wear masks in Calgary for at least another year.

The city of Calgary recently announced that the city council extended the COVID-19 statute for face coverings to the end of December 2021 and increased the fines for those without a mask.

The press release said the fines for a first offense increased from $ 50 to $ 100, with all subsequent offenses increasing to $ 300 for a second and $ 300 for a third over a 12 month period were. These new fines took effect immediately on Monday.

“An escalating penalty for repeated violations will increase enforcement efforts for those who intentionally fail to comply with this statute,” said Kay Choi, manager of strategic services for Calgary Community Standards, in the press release.

“The provincial health ordinance does not remove the need for a local statute as it allows local law enforcement agencies to use discretion and judgment in determining best course of action, whether it be when issuing a statute ticket or public health law . It enables faster reactions and real-time adjustments to local problems, such as B. The first criminal incident for someone who wears no face covering versus willful and frequent violations. “

Fines for businesses that do not have proper signage remain at $ 200 for a first offense, but fines for subsequent offenses rise to $ 400 for a second offense and to $ 600 for a third.

It is also advised that the city council will receive quarterly reports from the administration and will have the opportunity to potentially amend or repeal the statute before it expires next December.

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