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Calgary is getting a huge new film studio to help create jobs

A new film studio has opened in Calgary with the aim of bringing large productions to the city with a film area of ​​almost 100,000 square meters.

William F. White International Inc. (WFW), a Sunbelt Rentals company, has just announced its first studio offerings in Calgary: Fortress Studio and Fortress + Support.

This is great news for the local economy and especially for any Calgarians who work in the film industry.

Plus, it’s always cool to see well-known locations in movies and TV shows.

“Alberta is on track to have a record year in the film industry,” said Doug Schweitzer, Alberta’s minister for employment, business and innovation. “WFW has long been a major player in our province and this new development of studio space will be critical to the further expansion of the industry.”

“It will help create jobs, diversify our economy and attract millions of investments across Alberta.”

WFW has worked with the Calgary Film Center since 2016 and has identified Calgary as a booming production hub. The company hopes this new studio property will bring even more local and international productions to the city.

Fortress Studio provides customers with access to 97,500 square feet of indoor film space within 36 feet of the facility.

Fortress + Support acts as an additional object for the studio and offers an additional 69,999 square meters of space as well as private offices, boardrooms and other work areas.

Both properties are just a short drive away from each other, the Calgary Film Center, Sunbelt Rentals and a large outdoor area, making all aspects of production for film companies easy and efficient.

“The combined power of WFW and Sunbelt Rentals will ensure that Calgary production professionals have everything they need to do what they do best,” said Chris Van Mook, Vice President of Sunbelt Rentals Canada.

“Our extensive equipment fleet includes elevated work platforms, forklifts and HVAC options to perfectly complement this upcoming studio and the special services already offered by WFW.”

This is WFW’s tenth studio in Canada. Others are located in Toronto and Vancouver.

Between this new film studio in Calgary and the stunning Rockies in our backyard, Alberta appears to be preparing to become a major Hollywood contender.

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