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Calgary is now under an Environment Canada blizzard watch

Have these hoods, scarves, and mittens ready in Calgary.

We may have seen our first snowfall earlier this week, but the few inches that fell on Wednesdays may pale compared to what was forecast for this Friday.

Environment Canada has placed Calgary under snowstorm watch and has determined that the cold front en route could cause “short periods of intense snowfall.”

The alert was triggered on Friday morning at 4:26 a.m. and warns that most of the expected snowfall will arrive in the late morning and early afternoon before the cold front heads south into Montana.

“Snow gusts mean that weather conditions vary considerably. Changes from clear skies to heavy snowfall within a few kilometers are common, ”the warning says.

Caution should be exercised with people who plan to travel in the next few hours, as visibility can be significantly reduced.

“Snowstorm clocks are issued when conditions are favorable for the formation of snow bands, which can lead to heavy snow or near zero visibility.”

Snowfall warnings are currently in place in many regions of the Rocky Mountains, and snowstorm clocks are affecting 26 other regions in Alberta.

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