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Calgary issued three tickets and 83 coronavirus warnings last weekend

The province could ease COVID-19 restrictions across Alberta, but that doesn’t mean physical distancing requirements have not yet been met.

The city of Calgary announced in a press release that it issued 83 coronavirus-related warnings this past weekend, as well as three tickets issued, one of which was specifically for non-physical distancing.

The city’s statutes also issued 32 verbal warnings regarding overt alcohol and public drinking, 19 regarding unleashed dogs, and 11 regarding bylaws, bird-feeding, and golfing in parks.

“Our bylaws work very hard to educate and / or verbally warn people who do not adhere to public health regulations or city statutes,” said deputy chief Sue Henry on the release.

“Our position since the beginning of this emergency has been to educate first to encourage appropriate behavior and issue tickets only in the most dire of circumstances.”

About 16% of all calls to Calgary’s 311 number were related to coronavirus, the press release said, 128 related to Calgarians who did not follow public health orders.

Of these 128 calls, 59 were for physical distancing in public, 26 for physical distancing in private areas, 22 for public gatherings of fewer than 14 people, and 21 for physical distancing in fields and playgrounds.

The charter official spoke to over 2,200 Calgarians over the weekend, the result of 189 visible patrols.

“Safety was still our number one priority over the weekend,” said Henry in the press release.

“The public health regulations, which did not require gatherings over 15 years and a physical distance of two meters, were still in place.”

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