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Calgary points 25 masks statute tickets in lower than 10 days


The City of Calgary has issued 25 violations of the Aspect Cover Act since December 30th.

In a press release, the city announced that a total of 98 tickets have been issued since the provisional mask law came into force on August 1, 2020.

Previously, only one ticket was issued to a company because the required signage for the entrance area was not displayed to alert customers to the need to cover their faces in public indoor spaces.

A total of 111 violation tickets have been issued since the state of emergency was declared at the end of November. Nineteen of these tickets have been issued since December 30th.

Individuals found to have violated the Mask Act may be fined $ 100 for a first offense, $ 200 for a second offense, and $ 300 for a third offense over a 12 month period. The statutes are valid until December 2021.

The press release advises that anyone using the city’s outdoor parks and ice rinks must continue to obey the province’s health regulations.

“Stay two meters away from anyone outside your household and wear face covering if distance is not possible,” the city said. “Face covers or masks are now recommended when tying ice skates in bench areas or using fire pits.”

“The City of Calgary’s top priority remains the health and safety of the Calgarians.”

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