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Calgary police were disappointed with Druh Farrell’s comments on domestic violence

CALGARY – Calgary Councilor Druh Farrell is taking in some heat after some of the comments she made on social media this week.

The Ward 7 representative posted a post on Twitter reflecting on the US situation involving the Minnesota Police and the death of George Floyd.

In it, Farrell condemned the police violence she saw but couldn’t help but ponder how the “sick anger there” might infiltrate her personal life.

She has since deleted the comment and replaced it with an apology, but the damage has already been done as police officers and their families have already urged her to comment.

The Calgary Police Service told CTV News Friday that they had insulted Farrell’s positions, adding that they are actively cracking down on domestic violence in all communities, including their own.

Officials added that they were also disappointed with the timing of the comment, as the situation between police officers and the public is difficult in many regions of the world.

Farrell says she was wrong and is determined to work with the Calgary Police Commission to “address the challenges police services face in the 21st century”.

The CPS says it is working with a spouse support network of civil servants to resolve the issue with Coun. Farrell.

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