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Calgary Tourism has free offers to celebrate the city

City adventures may feel a little different given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but Tourism Calgary hopes to bring back some of that magic.

To celebrate the city, the tourism agency has partnered with over 40 different venues, companies and retailers across YYC to get their #LoveYYC Deals Pass, which is free to everyone and available online.

Those who register get access to a variety of options including (but not limited to) discounts on restaurants, Calgary Tower admission, downhill karting, and hotel reservations.

“The # LoveYYC Deals Pass gives Calgarians a great opportunity to hop off – and save – while safely exploring our city’s unique offers and taking advantage of the final weeks of summer,” said Cindy Ady, CEO of Tourism Calgary, in the press release.

“As proud Calgarians and ultimate hosts, we are taking this opportunity to rediscover our city, welcome visiting friends and relatives, and most importantly, continue to support the Calgary tourism community.”

If you want to register, you have to register with your name, zip code and email address.

After registration, the pass is available in all web browsers. The offers are valid for a whole year after your registration date.

Those who sign up (and are at least 18 years old) are also entitled to a range of prizes, with new and new offers added on a regular basis.

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