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Calgary weather for Friday April 30th

CALGARY – A warm Calgary day without an asterisk is still not in sight.

The high pressure ridge at high altitude will today settle in a zonal current (a direct west-east movement) over the Rocky Mountains and open the southern end of the province to strong westerly winds. Gusts in Calgary could exceed 60 km / h; this in addition to temperatures in the low 20s (within four degrees of the record!).

This weekend we are looking at an upper hollow that runs when there is limited rainfall. First off, our Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) shows exceptionally low rainfall levels. Second, our dry air takes a lot of moisture from the ground with it – it acts like a huge, airy sponge that absorbs water as it descends.

That being said, there’s only one chance for showers now through the weekend, though we can sometimes see stronger clouds and maybe even virga – tiny raindrops that evaporate before they hit the mainland.

Which, again, is gross when you consider that the rainfall percentage is much lower than average in much of the province. Take a look at yesterday’s article on Agroclimate Canada’s mapping.

Your five day forecast:


  • Mostly sunny, stormy! Gusts up to 60 km / h

  • Daily high: 22 C

  • Evening: mostly clear, low 7 C


  • Partly cloudy, a few showers in the afternoon

  • Daily high: 15 C

  • In the evening: persistent showers, low 3 C


  • Partly cloudy, occasional showers possible

  • Day high: 13 C

  • Evening: mostly clear, low 1 C


  • Partly cloudy

  • Daily high: 17 C

  • Evening: mostly cloudy, low 5 C


  • The much needed showers!

  • Daily high: 11 C

  • In the evening: showering, low 1 C

Today’s photos are from everywhere and very diverse!

First cloud streets, recorded by Barb in Irma! As I said, cool air sinks (and warms up as it descends) and warm air rises (and cools down as it rises). Imagine some huge, invisible cylinders rolling vertically across the landscape, parallel to the ground. The elevated level of condensation (where the moisture in the air forms a cloud) is at a perfect level to create gaps in the cloud formation as those cylinders roll along with fluctuating air. Love it! Thanks for sending, Barb!

Second, Patrick’s great shot of some ducks at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

And then Pam caught a beautiful sunset at Dead Horse Lake for us too.

Dead Horse Lake, Pam, sunset, Alberta

You can submit your weather photos here or email me: Kevin Stanfield, OR you can just tweet me!

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