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Calgary won’t see a white Christmas this 12 months

Snow and Calgary go hand in hand.

For a city where there has been snow all year round, it goes without saying that after December 25th we have a few inches of the white stuff to celebrate a classic white Christmas … but that may not be the year .

According to the 14-day forecast from the Weather Network, only about 2 cm of snowfall is expected by the big day.

And while there is already some snow on the ground right now, we are not sure how long it will take if Calgary goes above freezing in a few days.

In the coming weeks 3 ° C will be reached on Wednesday, 4 ° C on Saturday and 3 ° C on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are the two days on which about 1 cm of snow can be expected. However, the forecast for Sunday actually envisages “wet storms” which do not sound very promising.

The following week manages to stay below freezing point or below until Christmas Day (which comes in at a cool high of 0 ° C), but whether this cold is sufficient to maintain the snow cover of the previous weekend is unclear.

Even if Christmas 2020 looks more brown than white this holiday season, the weather looks absolutely stunning for some winter hikes (with members of your own household, of course).

From Monday to Christmas there are only sunny or sunny skies. So make the most of it … before winter is actually in full swing!

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