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Calgary’s Subsequent Financial system: Voice of Cause toggles legacy knowledge assortment

Paul Smith, founder of Voice of Reason. CONTRIBUTION

Big data players want you to replace your old data systems with specially equipped ones that you can use to mine the data you need.

Voice of Reason’s Calgary entrepreneur Paul Smith created a tool that helps companies get this information without spending a lot of money on infrastructure.

The idea comes after the culmination of years of experience in industrial cybersecurity and technology. He worked with companies like Lockheed Martin and groups like the Israeli Defense Force.

The first iteration was when he was working with the data around large wind turbines and feeding the information back to the central data collection center. Smith came up with the idea of ​​creating a less intelligent solution that would allow the data to be captured more quickly.

The next step was to create a passive adapter for the legacy infrastructure. It could pull the data off this device for faster processing.

“I never have to interact with devices, I just hear the network traffic and it’s basically something I did in Israel – it’s basically a bug with software to work out data from that traffic,” said Smith.

“They bring this data to the cloud so that they can run interesting models immediately.”

He used the example of Disney, which used predictive models to maintain their trips. Smith said one of the big use cases is the Peter Pan ride – a highly profitable ride that would require a demolition to replace the data system. That would be expensive, time consuming, and preclude a profitable drive.

Its switch would plug into the current system and get the endpoint data it needs. No major capital costs.

Not the interpreter, the collector

Smith said he did not offer any insight into the data; it just makes it easier to collect.

The switch acts effectively as an intermediary and accelerates data to where it can be stored and edited.

Some of the larger data companies are encouraging companies to rip out their old systems and use their new ones, Smith said. It doesn’t have to be like that.

“Now you have customers who say,” This is a $ 20 million job. What is my return on investment? “Said Smith.

“The greatest fear you have is to tear your control system apart and replace it. I have this device that you’re about to plug in and get the data out of. “

He said one of the biggest obstacles facing the big corporations is convincing people to take this big infrastructure move. Smith said they are struggling with this piece of technology.

The one big key? Smith said this switch keeps the data located. You don’t need to put the data in places where it could potentially be compromised.

“This is huge for any type of utility, oil, and gas customer who is not yet 100 percent on-board with the facility-level IoT,” he said.

“What I want to do is give them a safe way to get there.”

Hard hits and experience

While Smith is an avionics engineer, computer scientist, and power technician, he never actually went to school to do business.

“Most of the things I’ve done in startups before have been tough hits and experiences,” he said.

The Platform Calgary Junction program has confirmed some of its experiences. It also made him take a second look at other areas.

He said it filled many loopholes for him to lay the foundation for his company to move forward.

“Then there are only malicious gaping gaps on my side where there is a lack of information. I say, ‘Oh, hey, I’m going to steal this nugget. I’ll put the nugget on the bench, ”he said.

Real life data capture for a company in the data capture world.

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