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Calgary’s weather forecast for the weekend calls for smoky skies

The smoke has finally reached Calgary.

While the US west coast has been on fire for several weeks and BC has been shrouded in smoke for most of September, Calgary had been spared the smoky skies until this last summer weekend.

The weather network’s weekend forecast only calls for “smoke” for both Friday and Saturday, although there is a chance the blue skies will return by Saturday evening.

But before we get there, we will see smoke on Friday evening, Friday evening, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon if the weather network’s predictions are correct, with a maximum of 22 ° C on Saturday.

Calgary Weather This Weekend (The Weather Network)

This night is forecast for cloudy skies with clear breaks, which will be a welcome relief after almost two days of smoky skies.

The clouds continue through the night into Sunday morning, although the Calgarians can expect a mostly sunny sky with a maximum temperature of 19 ° C on Sunday afternoon.

Calgary Weather This Weekend (The Weather Network)

Sunday evening will bring some clouds back, although the night will be clear with a clear, cool high of 7 ° C.

Environment Canada forecasts that Calgary’s Air Quality Health Index will go as bad as five (ours of 10+) on Saturday, and increase from three on Friday and four on Friday night.

Both a four and a five in the index mean a medium risk for the residents.

Environment Canada did not provide any air quality information for Alberta as of Friday morning.

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