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Canadian prostitute’s Cops Bust Beau eyed the chef’s OD

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The former boyfriend of a Canadian prostitute, who had an eye on the death of a three-pair overdose, has now been charged with the death of a high-flying cook.

According to the New York Post, 44-year-old Leslie Lescano was arrested in Queens, NY

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According to Cops, Lescano teamed up with sex worker Angelina Barini to lure 33-year-old Cipriani Dolci chef Andrea Zamperoni into a hotel room for sex.

A drug called “date rape” was then allegedly added to his drink.

It was a game Barini had played several times, Lescano told Detectives. The platinum blonde would use “liquid G” to turn men off. Then she would rob them.

Zamperoni’s body was shoved headfirst into a garbage can at the No Tell Motel in 2019. Barini was also in the room and was charged with the OD death of two other briefs.

Aspiring chef Cipriani Dolce, chef Andrea Zamperoni, 33, was killed by a fentanyl overdose at a cheap hotel in Queens. NYPD

So far, she has not been charged with the chef’s death.

According to the cops, 42-year-old Barini sent her ex-boyfriend the fateful message on August 16, 2019: “I have a biznes opratunady for you… I’m sweet to the hunt, then I’m ready to pay for your services [sic] … Are you in? “

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Lescano replied, “Yes, my queen.”

When he entered the room where Barini and Zamperoni were, the cook was cold. Barini handed him Zamperoni’s American Express card.

Lescano then used the card at a nearby store that was armed with a shopping list from the sex worker: “Can you say goodbye to some shampoo condition? [sic] Shower gel. Milk ceril Grund brln cold cuts Cherder Chese [sic] Cigs. “

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Zamperoni was eventually reported missing and followed by police officers to the low rent motel.

When the officers entered the room, he had a “strong odor that matched the odor of a corpse and burning incense.”

Barini is also suspected of two more fatal overdoses and up to six major thefts, the Post reported.


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