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Canadian publishers urge the Canadian government to tackle the Google / Facebook monopoly

  • No government funding or excise taxes required
  • Address the monopoly dominance of web giants
  • Equality of the digital playing field, recommendation of the RTI report
  • Adopt the Australian model as the policy fix

TORONTO, October 22, 2020 / CNW / – Canada’s news media publishers today called on all political parties in parliament to support the adoption of Australia Approach to tackling the monopoly practices of Google and Facebook.

in the CanadaAs in democracies around the world, the two American web giants control the lion’s share of online advertising dollars and distribute newspaper content without compensation. The model that is implemented in Australia counteracts these monopoly practices and levels the digital playing field – free of charge for taxpayers and without the need for user or other fees.

The recommendation that Canada The adoption of the Australian model is included in Leveling the Digital Playing Field, a report commissioned by News Media Canada and produced by FTI Consulting, a global consulting firm, which has conducted an in-depth analysis of the actions taking place in democracies All over the world have been taken to challenge this problem.

News Media Canada represents over 90% of the news media readership in Canada Representing daily, regional, community and ethno-cultural news publications.

“A strong, diverse and independent news medium is valued by Canadians and is vital to our democracy,” he said Jamie Irving, Vice President of Brunswick News Publishing Company BNI and Chairman of the News Media Canada Working Group. “It costs money to publish real news, and Google and Facebook – two of the largest companies in the world – cannot continue to roam free without fair compensation on the back of Canadian news media publishers who produce news content. We have heard the global web giants’ hollow commitment to journalism and token compensation. The time to fight the global web giants is now, as the federal government indicated in September, now. “

Key elements of the Australian model include:

  • An effective approach that doesn’t require new government funding, excise taxes, or usage fees.
  • Publishers, with government approval, form a collective bargaining unit to negotiate compensation for the use of their content and intellectual property. Only through this collective approach can the immense monopoly power of the web giants be counteracted and the digital playing field be leveled out.
  • A code of conduct that ensures that the web monopolies do not use new algorithms and other proprietary technologies to develop their market dominance and to anchor unfair competitive practices.
  • Enforcement with teeth. Under the Australia Model, the web giants are fined hundreds of millions of dollars for a single violation. Penalties of this magnitude are the only effective means of containing businesses of this unprecedented size and power.
  • Comparable context. Both Canada and Australia Publishers face major challenges from the web giants. Canada and Australia share strong regional identities and similar parliamentary and legal systems.

in the Canada, Google and Facebook control 80% of all online advertising revenue. They use their monopoly control not only to divert advertisements from news media publishers, but also to divert the millions of advertising revenue they place on news media websites. Even if advertisers pay specifically for advertising on news media websites, Google and Facebook keep most of that revenue while they collect and use data about readers and advertisers from news media websites for their own purposes.

“The unchecked power and dominance of Google and Facebook has affected the news media around the world Canada faces the same challenge, “said Jamie Irving. “This goes beyond concerns about their abuse of citizens’ privacy and their role in spreading disinformation. Canada has a responsibility to demonstrate leadership on these important issues. “

The government of Canada announced in his speech from the throne of September 23rdrd das: “The government will act to ensure that their revenues are more fairly shared with our creators and media, and they will also be asked to help create, produce and distribute our stories, on screen, in text, in music, in and in writing. “

News Media Canada urges the government to fight the web giants and adopt the Australian model in Canada.

The CEO members of the following companies are leading discussions with the government of Canada These include Glacier Media, Black Press, Torstar, Postmedia, Globe and Mail, La Presse, Quebecor, and Brunswick News.

News Media Canada is the voice of the print and digital media industry in Canada. Founded in late 2016 as a result of its members’ agreement to merge the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association (CCNA), News Media Canada represents hundreds of trusted titles in every province and territory. As an advocate of public order, News Media Canada enables coast-to-coast daily and local media to speak with a unified voice as they advance their interests to governments, regulators, and the public. In this role, News Media Canada monitors, analyzes, and intervenes against laws that may be harmful to the news media and freedom of the press.

SOURCE News Media Canada

For more information: Media contact for interviews: Brent Jolly, News Media Canada, [email protected]

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