Cybercrime In Canada

Cybercrime in Canada: Trends, Statistics, and Solutions

Cybercrime is a rapidly growing issue in Canada, with an increasing number of individuals, businesses, and the government falling victim to these attacks. According to recent statistics, the number of reported cybercrime incidents in Canada has increased by over 250% in the past decade. To combat cybercrime, it is essential for individuals and organizations to be aware of the various types of cybercrime, the latest statistics, and the solutions to prevent attacks, including proper cybersecurity training and working with tech firms that specialize in cybersecurity.
Microsoft Outlook Security Warning

Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Strikes Calgary Businesses

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Outlook that leaves users at risk of cyber attacks. The CVE-2023-23397 vulnerability could potentially allow attackers to execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user, giving them access to sensitive data stored on the user's computer. Businesses and individuals in Calgary are being urged to take immediate action to protect themselves, with experts emphasizing the importance of updating systems and exercising caution when opening email messages from unknown senders. The threat posed by this vulnerability highlights the need for continued vigilance against cyber threats and proactive steps to ensure the security of sensitive data.
Ransomware In Calgary

Protecting Your Small Business from the Next Generation of Ransomware

Small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to ransomware attacks and must take the necessary steps to protect themselves. According to Jeremy Kushner, CEO of BACS Consulting Group, small businesses can greatly reduce their risk of falling victim to these attacks by thoroughly assessing their cybersecurity posture, ensuring all systems are patched and updated automatically, and deploying consistent security defenses across anything that touches their network. Small businesses should also audit all their cybersecurity vendors and develop a cybersecurity incident response plan. By implementing these measures, small businesses can keep their data safe and secure and focus on confidently growing their business.
Google Encryption

Google Launches Client-Side Encryption for Gmail and Calendar, Enhancing User Data Privacy and Security

Google has launched client-side encryption for Gmail and Calendar, offering enhanced security and privacy to users. This feature encrypts data on the user's device before it is sent to Google's servers, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to access the data.