Social Engineering: Calgary Businesses, Take Heed from MGM’s Harrowing Tale

The heart of the MGM debacle wasn't a sophisticated hacking software or a new age ransomware. It was simple manipulation targeting an unsuspecting employee. The choice of LinkedIn as the platform of attack further underscores that any digital platform, no matter how benign it seems, can be weaponized in the hands of a cunning cybercriminal.
Ditch Microsoft Now Calgary

5 Reasons Calgary Businesses Must Ditch Microsoft Technologies Now

Discover compelling reasons Calgary businesses are shifting away from Microsoft Technologies. Stay updated on the latest trends and make informed decisions for a brighter, more efficient future in the tech landscape. Dive in now!
IT Transformation

Calgary Businesses Eye IT Transformation

Explore the importance of IT transformation for Calgary businesses in 2024. Dive into the benefits of IT optimization and the risks of lagging behind.

Tips To Prevent A Ransomware Infection In Your Calgary Business

Tips To Prevent A Ransomware Infection In Your Calgary Business In recent months, Calgary businesses have been hit hard by ransomware infections. These malicious software...
ransomware in Calgary

Ransomware in 2024: Calgary Home-Based Business Guide

Over the past few years, there's been a noticeable change in the cyberattack landscape. Large corporations, once the prime targets, are no longer the only entities under threat. Home businesses and startups in Calgary and other parts of Alberta find themselves increasingly in the crosshairs.
Windows + ALT Keyboard Shortcut

Mastering Multitasking: A Sit-Down with Curtis Hyde on Unleashing the Power of the Windows...

In a recent in-depth exploration with seasoned tech expert, Curtis Hyde of Colorado Computer Support, we delve into the transformative potential of the often overlooked Windows + ALT keyboard shortcut. This powerful tool provides a streamlined way to interact with applications and windows on a Windows machine, improving multitasking efficiency. From quick access to pinned taskbar applications, capturing screenshots, launching full-screen mode to toggling date and time visibility on the taskbar, the versatile Windows + ALT shortcut is set to revolutionize the digital experience of Windows users.
QR Codes Attraction

QR Codes: Techies’ Magnetic Love Affair Unveiled

This article explores the fascination of tech professionals with QR Codes and the reasons behind their widespread adoption in the tech sector. The attraction lies in the simplicity, convenience, versatility, and adaptability of QR Codes. With insights from leaders in the tech sector, including Ashu Bhoot of Orion Network Solutions, Mark Veldhoff of Envizion IT, and Bryan Ferrario of Alliance Technology Partners, the article emphasizes the role of QR Codes in marketing, contactless payments, and event management. The growing importance of QR Codes in the evolving tech landscape is also highlighted, with potential applications in augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Optimizing Your Outlook Mobile App Experience: Customize Your Swipe Options

Optimizing Your Outlook Mobile App Experience: Customize Your Swipe Options

In today's fast-paced world, staying organized and efficient is crucial for success, and the Outlook Mobile App has emerged as a key tool to...