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Clear, sunny skies are forecast for Calgary throughout the weekend

First month of winter who?

While the weather has always been a capricious beast here in Calgary, it usually means seeing snow fall during the warmer months of the year …

If luck falls in our favor with some lovely December days, you’d better believe that we will make the most of it.

The next three days look like nothing but clear skies and warm (ahem than usual) temperatures, according to The Weather Network’s weekend forecast.

The end of the week starts with a sunny Friday with highs from 7th° C that feels more like 5° C.

Saturday follows with a forecast of 8° C with a night low of only 0 ° C, while Sunday looks similar with another high of 8 ° C.

It’s not necessarily t-shirt and shorts weather, but you will get away with keeping this parka in the closet (for now).

All three days are expected to be cloudless, and while indoor social gatherings are prohibited and outdoor gatherings must be limited to a maximum of 10 people (with physical distance, of course), this weekend shows the perfect weather to stretch those legs and to get out there.

Because we all know that a freezer can be just around the corner here in Calgary!

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