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Closed Calgary libraries nonetheless provide roadside ebook pickups

Calgary’s libraries have closed their doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep borrowing books.

Libraries across the city closed on December 12th after COVID-19 was announced last week that would require many companies to either reduce capacity or close their doors for at least the next four weeks.

The Calgary Public Library buildings fell under the “Closing” category, although staff found a way to ensure the Calgarians can continue reading the holidays.

The library’s website states that many of their locations (all but Rocky Ridge) still offer roadside pickup. This means you can order available books to check out without entering a building.

Calgarians can order a book by returning it through the library website. The library will notify you as soon as a book is available. From there, during normal hours of operation, you can check the library where your book is (if you are not feeling symptomatic at all), call the pickup number, and then pick up the books from a table once the staff is back inside .

Here is a video from the library that explains the process:

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