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Comic and activist Adora Nwofor says she is “nonetheless dwelling the racism dream in Calgary”.


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“My name is Adora Nwofor and I was born, raised in Calgary and still live the racism dream,” says the comedian at the beginning of many of her stand-up routines.

Nwofor is the only black comedian in town. It had been the only one in Alberta for years.

“When I do activism, I make direct social comments”

The activist is also the president of Black Lives Matter YYC.

“It makes sense because when I’m doing stand-up and comedy, it’s a social comment. When I do activism, I make direct social comments. And sometimes I joke because it helps people hear me; that makes an impact, ”says Nwofor.

Nwofor says she is still regularly referred to as a racist slur.

“Why pay me $ 50 when you can be racist for free?”

She recently received an email from someone who asked if he could get an “N Word Passport” if he sent her $ 50.

Her answer to that was, “Why are you paying me $ 50 when you can be racist for free?”

“If you’re not black, you’re using that word heavily,” says Nwofor. “I don’t care how you think you’re saying it because when you have privileges the only thing that happens when you use that word is oppression.”

Nwofor says she is hoping for big changes in her hometown.

“What has to happen is a shift in the narrative, a change in your thinking, and for me it’s not necessarily about education. It’s about being respectful and humble. So, Calgary, if I – black, indigenous and color – could get a lot more of it, I can start saying, “I’m proud of Calgary.”

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