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Coronavirus: Some Calgary companies are excited about the second phase of the relaunch, others are still struggling – Calgary

Many Calgary businesses are looking forward to reopening as the Alberta government lifts some COVID-19 restrictions on Friday as part of the second phase of its relaunch strategy.

But while many are celebrating in-person service spots, there are concerns that some night spots will not survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are happy to open up. We have over 200 people on a waiting list, ”said Femeena Virani, owner of Elegance Medispa.


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After Virani closed due to COVID-19 restrictions since March, the reopening for Virani couldn’t come a minute early.

“It’s catching up on what we’ve lost in the last three months. This is where the challenge comes in,” said Virani. “Because we had no income.”

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Calgary nightclubs may still take some time to generate income.


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“We have been here for 15 years,” said the owner of the hi-fi club, Sarmad Rizvi. “We thought we’d seen it all until [the pandemic] came. “

Club owners have no idea when they will be able to be back in business, and there are concerns that some Calgary clubs will go out of business.

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“The margins are usually paper thin, making it difficult to reduce your capacity by 50 percent,” said Rizvi. “I don’t know about social distancing and dance – it’s really going to reshape the whole industry.”


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The Hifi Club has been broadcasting live DJ performances live weekly during the pandemic and while it does help in keeping in touch with customers, it doesn’t make a lot of money for the business.

“It’s going to be a fight for us here. Fortunately, our landlord has been very good to us so far, but we still have operating costs, ”said Rizvi.

“We’ve managed to spin over the years as industry and music and everything changed and we hope to do the same with it, but it’s definitely going to be a challenge.”

Atticus Tattoo, along with many other tattoo and piercing shops, faces the challenge of protecting customers and employees when they light their needles again on Friday.


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“We’re going to be using PPE and we have separate rooms so social distancing shouldn’t be an issue,” said tattoo artist Jonathan Carty. “Everything is sterile, everything is nice and clean. Wear the mask, make sure everyone is keeping their hands clean – all is well.

“People are pretty excited to be tattooed again”

At Elegance Medispa, Virani hires two new employees when her business reopens.

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“I’m just super excited to be back,” said Virani. “Keeping the business alive and moving forward.”

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