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COVID-19: The Calgary company is building intensive care units and vaccination capsules for shipping worldwide

Spinning during the COVID-19 pandemic is a survival issue for so many Canadian businesses, and for one company in Calgary, the linchpin is helping people around the world survive the pandemic.

The Falkbuilt employees are old hands when it comes to assembling prefabricated components for commercial customers on site.

Since the success of COVID-19, they have been busy with more health projects, shipping kits that are becoming intensive care units to hospitals all over the Middle East.

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“The Kuwait Cancer Center – a major order that we are doing there,” said Mogens Smed, founder of Falkbuilt.

“Like Lougheed Hospital (in Calgary), we’ve set up 63 temporary intensive care units. We just set up a 20 room hospital in Montreal.”

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And with countries around the world battling for vaccinations, Falkbuilt is now shifting to meet a new pandemic demand.

“Inoculation capsules,” said Smed. “We’re doing nine of them for Bermuda Airport.”

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It takes four hours to assemble the capsules. The company is currently reviewing possible orders for approximately 10,000 units for major pharmacy chains in the United States

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2:06The number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units in Calgary hits an all-time high

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“They want their own vaccination centers there, and they should be designed so that they can be placed anywhere they can without having to build a space,” said Smed.

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“A lot of things that you normally go to a clinic for, they want to do in their own company.”

The fight against the coronavirus is something personal for the 73-year-old company founder. he recovered from COVID-19 three months ago.

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“When we got it – my wife and I – it wasn’t comfortable,” said Smed. “It’s a lot more real than some of these people think.”

Smed sees a need for healthcare products in the short term.

“This pandemic is not the end of this thing. There will be a constant need for vaccinations of all kinds, ”said Smed.

“We have to have a plan or a strategy for it.”

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