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COVID safety first this Calgary Neighbor Day, says Mayor Nenshi

Nenshi opens this year’s Neighbors Day Celebration at the Whitehorn Community Center. ANOSHA KHAN / FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi knows you want to go out with your neighbors on June 19th, but he wants you to do so for sure.

Most of the Neighbour’s Day celebrations last year took place virtually due to the health measures in place. After Alberta achieves Level 2 of the Alberta Reopening Strategy, Calgarians can once again enjoy in-person outdoor celebrations. The rules allow outdoor gatherings for 20 people at a distance.

Neighbor’s Day was created after the 2013 flood. It recognizes how Calgarians came together in times of great need.

“We started Neighbor’s Day as a celebration of community resilience and it’s a great year continuing to celebrate community resilience,” said Mayor Nenshi.

On the city’s neighboring day portal, there is the option of letting council members or the mayor take part in your celebration. (You know they want to attend!)

Get back together

Mayor Nenshi said Calgarians can resume their traditional Neighbors Day celebrations with some restrictions.

The mayor said the city will not issue street permits for block parties. Some permits are allowed for outdoor activities like fire pits and picnic sites, he said. He reiterated that all indoor events are still suspended.

“We have learned to be creative and adapt over the past 15 months, and I am overwhelmed by Calgary’s commitment to keeping that tradition alive,” said the mayor.

Despite easing restrictions, Nenshi urges the Calgarians to enjoy the festivities in a way that is consistent with public health guidelines.

“I encourage you to check on family and friends this next day. Grilling outdoors is fine as long as you are confident about sharing food. Driveway meetings are fine as long as there are no more than 20 people and you wear masks when appropriate, ”he said.

Level 2 openings also allow up to 150 people to attend outdoor public gatherings such as festivals and concerts. All youth and adult sports may be resumed without restrictions. Nenshi encourages Calgarians to share their Neighbor Day activities with #yycneighbourday.

“I am sure that many more creative ideas will come together. You can do a community cleaning together, you can decorate your windows, fences and terraces. Explore a green space in your community or have a virtual party, ”said Nenshi.

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