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EDITORIAL: Falling Canadian virus numbers are good news

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Canada counted 2,677 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday. That’s the whole country, all the provinces and territories put together.

That’s a high number compared to a year ago when Canadians heard single-digit reports on a daily basis, at a time when we knew so little about the then novel coronavirus.

But it’s a very low number compared to both of which we were only a month ago and fearful government models told us we would be.

In early January, Canada saw nearly 10,000 new cases in a single day. That number has been falling rapidly since then and will continue to do so – fingers crossed.

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Around the same time, Ontario government advisers warned the public that they would expect 20,000 cases a day to occur in their province alone by that point in February. Instead, Ontario is hovering around just 5% of that guess – around 1,000 daily cases.

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So much for trustworthy modeling. Perhaps we should start basing our political decisions on something other than guesswork that has repeatedly been proven wrong.

More importantly, we need to learn how to recognize good news. Canadians cannot always function in a state of doom and gloom.

The fact that COVID-19 is currently on a steep downtrend in both Canada and other countries around the world should be celebrated.

Instead, we have officials telling us to become even more anxious. They are now warning that variants in this country could take off like wildfire and cause an even worse third wave.

Maybe that will happen. So let’s continue to follow social distancing and be responsible when we reopen society.

However, these “maybe” and “what if” scenarios are not reasons to ignore the good trend that is currently unfolding.

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They are certainly no reasons to hold back the cautious reopenings across North America.

Neither does it appear that lockdowns were the key factor in cases where they were dropped. That’s because there are US states that haven’t locked and are seeing nearly identical downward curves.

Let’s stay on guard and be accountable, but also acknowledge these positive aspects.

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