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Entain Studies The Canadian Games Market – Casino Reports

The internationally established and renowned sports betting entertainment company Entain has announced that it will fund research into the gambling sector in Ontario. The company hired its charitable foundation to investigate the gambling practices, preferences and behavior of players in the province. The study precedes the proposed changes to Canadian sports betting regulations.

In late 2020, the Canadian government tabled a bill that would allow gambling fans across the country to place bets on individual events. Previously, such betting options were not available in the country due to match-fixing concerns, but with Bill C-218, sports and gambling fans have much wider betting options.

Expert study

The Entain’s Foundation will not do the research on its own. The company announced that the Toronto-based nonprofit Responsible Gambling Council will help. The organization has proven to be one of the best Responsible gambling advocate For the past couple of years. Given the proposed changes to sports betting, Entain took an interest in the province’s pitch.

The purpose of the reassigned project is to explore the Ontario gaming landscape ahead of the seemingly imminent change, and to provide consumers with insights into the matter. This creates a clear one Vision for online gaming operators of possible risk behavior that can be experienced by the game enthusiasts. The organization’s long experience in this field shows that most people enjoy sports betting without consecutive harm, but the online regulation will help keep the risk to a minimum.

Martin Lycka, senior vice president of American Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling at Entain, stated that the many of the company’s practices in the country’s markets over the years will prove crucial. As many gambling regulators evaluate evidence-based studies that will later assist them in making decisions and making it easier to regulate the markets. The global sports group has been working with over 20 countries on five different continents for 15 years.

The study is conducted on approximately 4,000 people over the legal gambling age and is fun to place a few bets on from time to time. It is believed that this is capable of that latest comprehensive evidence in responsible online sports betting, level of interest and player needs. The research project should start soon and a full report on it should be available by the end of this year.

Update of the online regulations

The Provincial Government of Ontario recently released an update on their new version Framework for regulating online games. Gambling expert Birgitte Sand was hired to conduct a public consultation on changes to regulations for private and third party companies interested in entering the gambling industry. The aim of the consultation is to provide an adequate assessment of what types of consumer protection measures should be implemented in the new rules.

Potential third-party candidates

The creation of the online regulatory framework for the province was published shortly after the online casino project was announced by the Torstar Corporation. The media group usually deals with an entirely different sector but is now ready to use casino revenue as a funding tool for their future journalistic projects. Former employee of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Jim Warren is helping the media company get started, which he believes should be officially ready soon.

source: Murphy, Chris, “Entain Foundation to Fund Consumer Practices Research in Canada,” SBC Americas, March 18, 2021

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