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Four other domestic flights to or from Calgary resulted in coronavirus cases

Those who have recently traveled to or from Calgary may want to check their flight and seat numbers.

According to the Canadian government, there have been three flights from Calgary this month with confirmed coronavirus cases, as well as one flight to YYC with one confirmed case.

All four flights were within Canada as Calgary was not added to the most current list of international flights with known coronavirus cases.

Rows 5 to 11 were affected on WestJet flight WS461 from Calgary to Kelowna on August 7, rows 25 to 30 were affected on WestJet flight WS123 from Calgary to Vancouver on August 8, and on the Air Canada Flight AC152 from Calgary to Toronto on August 11, rows 22 through 11 were affected 28.

The only flight to Calgary with an established case was from Edmonton on Aug. 11, affecting those in rows 7-13 on Air Canada flight AC8137.

Those who may have sat in affected rows should get tested for coronavirus by completing the Alberta Health Services Coronavirus Self-Assessment Tool and self-isolating until they get a negative test result.

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