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Free rent, exclusive TV and internet prices are among the incentives to move into these Calgary hotels

If you are currently looking for a rental property in Calgary, you are in luck.

According to Rentals.ca, many cities are seeing higher vacancy rates, which is leading property managers and landlords to continue to incentivize them to compete for the best tenants, especially as tenants who work from home are looking for more space.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a decline in demand and higher vacancies, resulting in higher availability and more options for those looking to rent.

This drop in demand is due to a drop in immigration, fewer out-of-town students looking to rent in Calgary, and some lower-income earners choosing to move back in with their families.

Additionally, many Calgarians are looking for cheaper rental properties, and people who work from home are less tied to their location and choose to rent outside of the city center for better value for money.

Landlords and property managers develop creative incentives, promotions and offers to attract potential tenants due to the changing market.

If you’re planning on moving soon, here’s a summary of the Calgary rental properties courtesy of Rentals.ca:

115 25 avenue SW

Courtesy Rentals.ca

  • Free utilities
  • Save 25% on all TELUS Internet animal and optic TV products
  • Refer a friend to become a resident on Avenue Living Communities and get $ 250 rental credit

73 Skyview Point Crescent NE

Courtesy Rentals.ca

  • Spring special: one month of free rent
  • Limited time 5% discount for first responders, healthcare workers and airline employees
  • Military and first responder discounts
  • $ 25 off underground parking
  • Refer a friend and get $ 250
  • Tenants receive a 40% discount on all TELUS Home Services

15 Kincora Glen Park Northwest

Rent Calgary

Courtesy Rentals.ca

  • Refer a friend and get $ 250
  • Tenants receive a 40% discount on all TELUS Home Services
  • Military and first responder discounts

4515 Varsity Drive NW

Courtesy Rentals.ca

  • Rent today and save up to two months on rent
  • Exclusive prices for TELUS Optik TV and high-speed internet
  • Students receive a $ 300 move-in bonus

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