Skype Phone Number

The advancement of technology has revolutionized the world of communication, breaking the geographical limits among business owners. For instance, Skype is a popular communication platform that has enabled seamless communication among business executives across the universe.

Many clients of want to know how they can use Skype effectively and one way is for them to use Skype just like their regular home phone.

Thanks to the Internet, that entrepreneurs can make calls without necessarily depending on cell services. You can call your colleagues using WiFi or VoIP, but what about when you miss these calls? That’s why you need to get a skype phone number.

Skype offers you an alternative and convenient way to ensure continued communication through making and receiving calls. Did you know that Skype is among the top applications used for video conferencing and calling?

Skype enables you to acquire a phone number and make or receive calls through the Skype app. If you are wondering how you can get a Skype phone number, here is a step by step guide.

The most important step in obtaining skype phone numbers is first accessing the official site of Skype and click on the Skype number section. Under this page, you need to follow various steps. This includes:

Selecting the Country

The first step is to choose your country to get the local Skype number.

Selecting Numbers

After you have identified the country, you will find several phone numbers from the chosen country. However, if you are not satisfied with the numbers provided on the list, you can scroll down to find other local phone numbers from the same state.
The good news is that you also have the freedom to select the specific region you want. If you get you get your preferences, you can click continue.

Signing In

If you not registered with Skype, you will be required to sign in at this stage. Still, if you are new to Skype, you must create a Skype account to proceed in the next steps successfully.

Choosing the Billing Period

You have several billing options. After you have passed the first three steps, you will get a summary providing details about your order on the choose billing time page. You can pick a billing to pay every month, after three months or after every year. Don’t forget to click continue after choosing the most appropriate payment option.

Confirming Subscription

The final step is to provide your billing info. From there, you can click save to verify your subscription.


The moment you buy the Skype number, it is automatically activated to allow you to use it. The good news is that you can have as many Skype numbers as you can subscribe. Therefore, you can access different numbers from different regions that will enable you to carry out different activities.


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