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In the service of the community: Daymond Khan sees the seat of Ward 9 city council in Calgary

Daymond Khan said his top priority is to serve his community.

In preparation for the October 18 elections, he said he had knocked on countless doors to find out which issues were most important to the Calgarians.

“What I heard from my neighbors and Calgarians all over town was that things had gotten so divisive,” he said.

“There has been a lot of fighting and fighting, and it takes the basics of listening to the communities and then finding solutions together.”

Upon hearing this, Khan announced his decision to run for the next District 9 councilor in Calgary.

Khan said his work with the Calgary Homeless Foundation enabled him to stay up to date with politics at every level of government. He also said his work on affordable housing, homelessness and mental health had gained in importance in the Calgary communities.

“Unfortunately, what happened in the town hall did not advance things as I would have liked,” he said.

Khan added that the lack of responsiveness has marred the needs of the Calgarians.

Safe, prosperous communities

Major themes in Ward 9 include safe communities, community prosperity, and community unification, according to Khan. He also believes the problems apply to varying degrees across Calgary.

“The most important thing that comes to the fore is talking about safe communities to help those in dire straits,” he said.

“But then, to improve security in communities across the city.”

As for prosperity within the communities, Khan said the pandemic created an opportunity to partner with local businesses.

“And investing deliberately and strategically in supporting their efforts,” he said.

“When they open, they’ll hire again.”

Khan said Calgarians must do everything possible to work together and bring communities together. He said people have concerns about engagement and he wants to help individuals share their perspectives.

Green Line: “A great project”

Khan said he supports local public transport. He called it “a great project” and said he believed the Green Line can bring the city together. He values ​​the investments of state and federal governments.

“I moved to Albert Park Radisson Heights especially because I had the opportunity to walk to the train. I guess that, ”he said. Khan said many citizens in Ward 9 agree.

“Many of them emphasize the advantage of accessibility and then the environmental impact if we want to build a sustainable city.”

Khan also acknowledges the cost concerns, as the city of Calgary said the project had government commitments of $ 4.9 billion. Khan said he believes it is imperative to review opinions and consider new factors before construction begins.

If Khan is elected, he said he has two top priorities to weigh the issue and review plans.

“Number one, that we see this investment happening. Specifically, we see provincial and federal dollars flowing into Calgary and investing in our infrastructure, ”he said.

“My second priority is to look at operational costs and what they mean to the city and make sure they are sustainable long-term operational costs before we proceed.”

Offer in the event center, fluoride

Khan also supports the current deal with the event center, as he said cultural centers are important.

He said studying at the School of Public Policy enabled him to understand the challenges that come with new business. Especially for cities that make sure they don’t incur any additional costs.

“I appreciate the work you put into a good deal,” he said.

“I know we heard about additional costs recently, so I would be keeping a close eye on this to make sure we stick to our agreements and limit those additional costs in the future.”

According to the City of Calgary website, fluoride in Calgary water was discussed as early as 1957.

Khan said the main focus should be on the health of the Calgarians in order to maintain their dental health. While knocking on doors, Khan said he heard various points, but the problem did not materially emerge. He found that both expert insights and Calgarian perspectives are important.

“My next step is to keep an eye on this issue and I would like to hear from more pros and cons to get a better sense of where they stand,” he said.

“I appreciate that some people have brought up the risks involved. In all health decisions, you want people to be as well informed as possible. “

Funding from the police

The issue of police money redistribution is crucial, Khan said. As he noted, security is a top concern of Ward 9 communities. This is why Khan believes police funding is vital.

“Then you can continue your great work. In response to what I’ve heard from our community members, many of them support the police in their presence, ”he said.

“I would say deeper than a concern or two is about getting more involved with the community so the police can work with them a little better. If we can build these relationships, I think it can go a long way. “

Khan said his work in the nonprofit sector taught him about factors that contribute to crime and the importance of taking a holistic view of crime. Khan said the social determinants of crime led him to believe in the importance of police working with community partners and nonprofits. The partnership, he said, would help people struggling with addiction, homelessness and mental health find a way out of cycles of crime.

“The police have an opportunity to reduce the workload and then focus on the most serious crimes from community and social partners,” he said.

“What they are well trained for, and then they have others who are more educated in social space.”

Community, commitment and structure

Khan said his focus on community service was the number one reason people should vote for him.

He said he wants to hear from individuals, work together to find solutions, and use his talents in moderation.

“I don’t have a vision of my own that I want to implement, that I want to bring to life,” he said.

“Bringing all stakeholders around the table, involving people and creating structures so that we can hear from experts and community members. That is the approach that I will bring with me. “

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