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“Incredibly loyal and giving”: Tribute to the murdered Calgary police officer

CALGARY – Sgt. Andrew Harnett was the type of person who would be the first to volunteer to help someone move their truck or loan it to a friend, family members said in a statement Monday.

Harnett, 37, was killed on duty on New Year’s Eve during a traffic obstruction in northeast Calgary.

Two teenagers – Amir Abdulrahman, 19, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named under the Juvenile Criminal Law Act – are charged with first degree murder.

Both appeared in court on Monday and a bail trial for the 17-year-old is now scheduled for January 19th. The Crown Prosecutors have announced that they will speak out against the release.

The testimony of Harnett’s family says that he was a kid at heart and eager to “do anything fun with his friends, from campfires to quad biking to snowmobiling and motorcycling”.

Harnett was also active in sports.

After growing up in Hagersville, Ontario, Harnett joined the Edmonton Military Police before serving with the Calgary Police Service for 12 years. He spent his entire career in District 5, which his family referred to as “further evidence of his loyalty”. He loved working in one of the busiest areas of town.

The family has also set up a trusted account in Harnett’s memory with ATB Financial (Account # 07149-00721001979) or by electronic transfer to SgtHarnettFamily@gmail.com.

Donations can also be made to local branches of the Legion in Harnett’s honor.

Members of the Calgary Police Service’s Skye Boat Police Honor Guard and members of the Transportation Department will take Harnett’s body from the medical examiner to the funeral home. The procession will travel east on Memorial Drive from Bowness to Forest Lawn starting around noon. Members of the public are invited to join CPS members as they line the route. All health precautions must be followed and a distance of two meters between participants must be maintained.

Read the full family statement below:

The last few days have been incredible and overwhelming. The support you have shown us is helping guide us through this difficult time. It is also a reflection of the number of people Andrew has touched and the legacy of loyalty and kindness he will leave behind.

Andrew was an incredibly loyal and giving friend. He was the type of friend who would give you your shirt off without question, the first to volunteer to help someone move, build a garage, fence, or rent a truck.

He was a kid at heart with a desire to have fun with his friends, from campfires to quad biking, snowmobiling to motorcycling.

Andrew’s life was incredibly full of all the things he loved. He lived with no regrets, exhausting every opportunity to have a good time. His loyal group of friends bonded over the many hunting trips to the cabin or on their annual motorcycle trip to Wallace, Idaho.

Sports were also a passion of Andrew. Everyone who knew him knew he loved NFL football, especially the Miami Dolphins (whether they were awful or not), and he attended many of the Seattle Seahawks games. He was also a huge CFL fan who stayed loyal to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and couldn’t wait to go to Hamilton for the Gray Cup. He was a huge WWE wrestling fan and could be seen with friends playing a wrestling promo or putting an “ice cold stunner” on an unsuspecting buddy after a few beers.

Devoted to his country and Calgary, Andrew first joined the Edmonton Military Police and then served the city of Calgary bravely and proudly during his 12-year career with the Calgary Police Service. He took pride in being a “street clerk” working in District 5, where he spent his entire career. Another demonstration of his loyalty. He loved working in one of the busiest areas of town.

He knew the risks of the job and still showed up every day. Andrew would have given anything for the police, and he did. He was enthusiastic about his role in the community and participated in many fundraisers through the CPS. Andrew didn’t need formal recognition for anything, but he earned the respect of those who knew him, worked with him and his community. His two Life Saving Awards are a testament to his commitment to going beyond that.

Andrew was born and raised in Hagersville, Ontario where he was surrounded by a loving family and supportive community. It has already been said that Andrew grew up determined to be a police officer at a young age and spent his youth volunteering with Crime Stoppers while building relationships with local law enforcement. Many of these relationships lasted a lifetime and exist today.

He took every opportunity to make the most of his Ontario childhood. The skills he learned while skating in the quarry, building tree fortresses, water skiing in the hut, and learning survival skills from his brothers and numerous friends have remained with him throughout his life. As a kid he was a joker and loved wrestling with his brothers, which was great for them, until he got a lot bigger and stronger. Andrew was one of the strongest people you would have met. He was a loving brother, son, partner and friend. He had a passion for life that was second to none. His two older brothers, mother and late father, were and still are very proud of his time in the military and his service with the CPS.

In addition to all of the things Andrew has been to everyone else, he has also been an incredibly loving and supportive partner and spouse to Chelsea, with whom he has shared his life for the past seven years. Together they enjoyed traveling, vacationing, sampling the Calgary brewing scene, attending sporting events with friends, and having many plans for an incredible future together. Andrew and Chelsea were also expecting their first child together in the summer of 2021. Andrew couldn’t have been more excited to be a loving and dedicated father, and now part of his legacy will live on as part of the CPS family.

The Harnett family


In response to a number of donation requests, those who wish to support the family financially can do so through an email sent to Sgt. Harnett’s memory at ATB Financial (account number 07149-00721001979) or by electronic transfer to SgtHarnettFamily@gmail.com. Donations can also be made to local Legion branches in Andrew’s honor.

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