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IT Experts Discuss Top Cloud Storage Security Issues 

Top IT Experts From Canada and the US share cloud storage security issues

Cloud storage comes with wide-ranging security issues that require robust solutions to safeguard data protection. Both service providers and customers have a role to play in securing the data. As such, service providers focus on bolstering the cloud storage environment’s security while clients screen the content stored in files.

The customer also bears the responsibility of controlling access to the information. Risks associated with the cloud environment emanate from the lack of data visibility, inadequate controls, and data theft.

A Gartner report revealed that 90 percent of cloud users who neglect to implement robust cloud storage controls share sensitive data inappropriately. Most security issues, including breaches and data loss, are due to user negligence and not the service provider’s fault. Analysts predict that these cloud security challenges will continue to affect enterprise users through to 2025.

Security gaps in the cloud can be costly for organizations of all sizes. Failing to detect and fix cloud adoption errors can lead to overspending by up to 50 percent.

Several IT experts recently talked about ways to deal with cloud storage security challenges. Here are their views.

What Is Today’s Top Cloud Storage Security Issue?

According to Guy Baroan of Baroan Technologies, the most significant issue is the technical capabilities of cloud storage experts who set everything up. Experienced IT professionals understand the security standards for cloud storage environments. As such, they ensure proper configuration to safeguard users’ sensitive data.

For Joe Cannata of Techsperts LLC, ransomware is undoubtedly the main cloud storage problem that faces organizations. Meanwhile, Demetrius Cassidy, an IT expert at In The Cloud Technologies, highlighted security misconfigurations. He said that many administrators grant several unnecessary user permissions and privileges that compromise overall security.

Hence, he urges small and large organizations to ensure that cloud system admins understand the best access control practices for cloud storage. A skilled administrator has in-depth knowledge of how to manage permissions and user privileges at a granular level.

Alexander Freund of 4IT also emphasized the need to control access. Many organizations fail to restrict public access to their cloud storage environments. He pointed out that some famous breaches resulted from misconfigurations. Hence, it is important to hire IT specialists to conduct extensive security audits.

What Makes the Security Issue Important?

Carl Fransen of CTECH Consulting Group noted that many decision-makers wonder whether their data is safe in cloud storage accounts. As a result, they become hesitant to move data from on-premise storage to the cloud. Yet, storing data on-premise can be riskier than commercial cloud storage.

Baroan echoed Fransen’s views in that improper security configuration translates to a significant vulnerability. Bad actors often compromise cloud storage accounts and publish confidential information in the public domain.

According to Demetrius Cassidy, granting access recklessly may result in users making malicious changes. Likewise, granting permissions to modify the account cause problems because users could make changes without grasping their actions’ impact.

What Is the Best Way to Address this Issue?

Carl Fransen believes user awareness training plays a critical role in addressing cloud storage security issues. On the other hand, Freund stated that organizations could leverage several solutions to resolve the issue. One of the most effective solutions involves conducting comprehensive audits to detect any misconfigurations. Automated audits provide a more convenient way to conduct the checks.

Organizations should deploy multi-factor authentication to thwart ransomware attacks, says Joe Cannata. In the meantime, Cassidy emphasized the need to conduct thorough security assessments with a cloud security specialist’s help. This approach enables an organization to take remediation actions based on the expert’s recommendations.

How Can the Cloud Provider Help You Handle This Issue?

Fransen believes that cloud providers can assist resolve this matter by educating users on the importance of adhering to cybersecurity best practices. Doing so enables businesses to venture into cloud storage with a clear view of the pros and cons. For Guy Baroan, providers need to present documentation outlining various cloud security solutions. Additionally, clients need to know the security classification or grading of the cloud storage setup.

Joe Cannata urges service providers to help clients by implementing multi-factor authentication, preferably at no extra cost. Integrating multi-factor authentication as a default feature safeguards sensitive information by preventing unauthorized access. Meanwhile, Demetrius Cassidy recommends offering free security audits as a complementary service to review configurations.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Add?

As an experienced IT specialist at Baroan Technologies, Guy Baroan urges cloud providers to implement robust security measures to minimize risk. This approach is critical despite the constant evolution associated with technology. For his part, Cassidy suggests hiring a cloud security specialist to conduct a comprehensive review of the cloud environment.

He also recommends introducing well-formulated security policies that guide access controls and other critical configurations. An IT expert’s support is vital, given that many clients lack an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity standards and best practices.


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