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It is expected to be 19 ° C this weekend in Calgary

Buckle up, Calgary. It looks like we’re facing another wild weather weekend.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures will be between nearly 20 ° C and below 0 ° C. Unfortunately, a bit of the white, fluffy stuff can also come our way.

It is currently 5 ° C in Calgary with sunny skies continuing into the afternoon before hitting a high of 16 ° C.

Nighttime temperatures drop to 0 ° C, but Saturday warms up to a mild 19 ° C. Make sure to go outside and enjoy the best with a bike ride, a distance gathering, or a meal with your household on one of the city’s local terraces.

After a little preview of the summer weather, temperatures drop dramatically, with a high of 1 ° C and a feeling of -4 ° C on Sunday. The cold weather will bring some snow, and the Calgarians can expect up to four inches by the end of the weekend.

Temperatures will continue to drop and it is predicted to be -4 ° C overnight on Sunday.

The weather network

It looks like the weather will change just as much next week. On Monday the high of 4 ° C slowly rises to 9 ° C on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we are back in double digits at 14 ° C.

After that, we might see a little more snow coming later in the next week, and one to three centimeters are expected on Thursday with a maximum of 2 ° C, which feels more like -2 ° C.

We keep our fingers crossed, the weather will clear up by next weekend so we can enjoy even more sunshine and classic Calgary terrace beers and maybe even put our winter coats away.

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