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Letter from the Calgary Community Groups asking for assistance during a storm in the province

Hundreds of Calgary homes were damaged in the intense hail of June 13, 2020. CITY OF CALGARY REPORT

Northeast Calgary communities are banding together to seek help in the province after a devastating storm just over a week ago.

A hailstorm that produced hail-sized hailstones in northeast Calgary on June 13th. The wild storm flooded the streets, making cars and properties unrecognizable.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said at the time he would be surprised if the storm didn’t rank among the top five insured disasters in Canadian history.

It is also the second time in four years that people in these communities are making storm insurance claims on their property.

The request of the communities for help

Calgary Community Leader Khalil Karbani wrote a letter on behalf of 10 community and cultural groups in northeast Calgary. The letter to Prime Minister Jason Kenney asked the province for assistance.

Karbani’s email describes how the northeastern communities are hard hit by COVID-19 restrictions and many local residents are unemployed.

“Given the severity of the hailstorm and the prevailing economic conditions, it is simply not practical for residents to recover from this disaster without significant support from their government,” the letter said.

He said the hail storm crippled some families financially. It has the potential to create long-term instability within the community.

Jason Kenney Hailstorm Calg… by Darren Krause on Scribd

Karbani hopes that by declaring a natural disaster, the provincial government will help ease the financial burden.

“The idea is that we want to work with the provincial government to ensure that this is a natural disaster. That way, they can ask the federal government to give them financial support, ”he said

“This money would go to the provinces. Then come to us later because we are actually really suffering financially. “

No help from insurers, said Karbani

Karbani asked the government for help because he said the community was not getting a break from insurance companies.

He said insurance company deductibles put a strain on families who are not working due to COVID-19. Other insurance companies will not cover the cost of any damage to property or cars.

He hopes that with government support, these hard-hit communities can return to normal operations.

“We’re a very close community in general, but right now people feel a little sad. You see they don’t work and COVID scenarios are running around and then this storm, ”he said.

“They know there is only a certain amount that anyone can take, but a lot of people are almost at that break point right now.”

The government is working on it

In a statement, Alberta Municipal Affairs said they are working on a solution. They said it was also up to insurance companies to stand up for their customers.

“The government continues to examine whether or not this storm will reach the threshold of a disaster recovery program,” the statement said.

“But for insurable damage, we expect insurers to step up and deliver for their customers, and it appears they are.”

Area NDP MLA Irfan Sabir said that the province are the ones that will not be reinforced.

“Jason Kenney has left those affected by the hailstorm. He keeps asking the Calgarians to speak to their insurer, but that’s clearly not enough, ”said Sabir, MLA for Calgary-McCall.

“Many people were not insured or not insured after they lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, this is just one disaster upon another. “

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