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The vast majority of Canadians support government measures to force Google and Facebook to pay for news content

TORONTO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – 82% of Canadians believe it is time for the federal government to take action and force social media giants Google and Facebook to pay Canadian news publishers for their content and ensure fair negotiations so that the publishers receive their fair share of the online advertising income. According to the survey, 70% of Canadians believe that Google and Facebook have become too powerful.

The result comes from a new poll by Leger Opinion for News Media Canada.1

The survey also shows that support for tough action spans the political spectrum. More than 80% of Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and BQ supporters believe it is time for the federal government to act.

The broad support for action stems from concerns that the Canadian news industry is in a precarious state. According to the survey, 62% of Canadians are concerned about the loss of Canadian news publishers. When asked why they are so concerned, 73% fear losing reliable national news, while 63% fear losing reliable news and information about their community.

News Media Canada released a report entitled “Leveling the Digital Playing Field” calling on the Canadian government to act under Australian law. This would allow Canadian publishers to band together and negotiate jointly with Google and Facebook, and would impose penalties on the web giants for failing to comply.

The poll shows a strong majority agree that it is time for the federal government to act.


Via News Media Canada

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1 The survey was conducted by Leger Opinion from January 22nd to 24th. The online poll polled 1,000 Canadians and is exactly +/- 3.5%, 19 times out of 20.


John Hinds, President and CEO of News Media Canada, jhinds@newsmediacanada.ca

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