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More than 15,000 public health violations have been reported in the Calgary Zone since the pandemic began

CALGARY – When it comes to reporting on companies and individuals violating Alberta public health regulations, the Calgary Zone residents are the most vigilant.

Alberta Health Services announced to CTV News that 15,171 COVID-19-related complaints and service requests have been made in the area since the pandemic began. For comparison, 12,213 complaints were filed by residents of the Edmonton Zone during the same period.

It is said the reports consisted mostly of the spacing of the tables, social distancing and the use of or lack of masks.

“The focus of AHS inspection efforts is on companies and activities that pose the greatest risk of possible transmission if COVID-19 guidelines are not strictly followed, the agency wrote in an email.

When inspectors discover violations in a company, enforcement orders are issued.

Three shutdown orders were recently issued to Calgary companies for violating the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s pandemic-related instructions.

The owner of the Monte Carlo Bar and Lounge on 10 Avenue NW was asked to close after a “private” event took place there over the weekend.

AHS found that more than 15 people attended the event and several party-goers and staff were not wearing masks.

“There were guests at the bar and no barrier was installed to prevent contamination of food, food-contact surfaces, and glassware,” the order said. “Several dinner parties were less than two meters apart.”

CTV News spoke to the Monte Carlo owner, who said the company has made changes and is allowed to reopen.

AHS confirmed that the store had reopened, but said two other Calgary restaurants were still closed.


According to AHS, a total of 8,837 complaints / service requests have been received since September 1, which is the number of calls they have received in each month of the pandemic. A total of 36,457 calls were received across the province.

(Source / Alberta Health Services)

“Alberta Health Services’ EPH (Environmental Public Health) division plays an important role in working with companies to ensure compliance with public health guidelines, which are essential to the safety of all customers and customers,” says AHS.

All calls are answered directly by the health inspectors within three to seven working days.

The EPH always tries to work with the business owners to provide them with information and assistance in troubleshooting issues, says AHS.

“All Albertans are reminded to respect company policies in the province and work with them to protect us all from COVID-19.”


Alberta Health says any law enforcement agency can enforce public health law, which can result in fines of up to $ 1,000.

The Alberta Justice Department tells CTV News that they don’t have statistics on the number of times law enforcement agencies have been involved in public health violations of the CMOH’s regulations.

“We know Edmontoners and Calgariers want to care about their communities and do the right thing,” said Carla Jones, Alberta Justice communications advisor and Solicitor General.

“The Alberta government seeks to work with AHS and all law enforcement partners whenever possible to enforce COVID-19 law.”

Any Albertan with concerns about a company and COVID-19 compliance can also raise concerns online.

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