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Now you can trip ice bikes and check out a 1 mile ice rink in Calgary


Calgary introduced e-bikes to one of its parks to give people a new way to get outdoors in the winter.

The bizarre looking devices are essentially a bike mounted on skating blades and operated by people with pedals. They can be rented at Calgary Bowness Park, the city announced on Wednesday.

An Ice Wheel (City of Calgary / Submitted)

“Today we’re celebrating a new sport – ice biking!” Alderman Ward Sutherland said in a press release.

It’s not clear if other cities will adopt this new sport, and athletes won’t be competing for a spot in the Olympics anytime soon. If you want to try the new winter activity, you can rent one of the 10 new bikes in the Bowness Park Skate Shop.

An Ice Wheel (City of Calgary / Submitted)

They cost $ 12 for half an hour or $ 20 for a full hour.

“As with a conventional bicycle that is mounted on a sled-like platform, users can cycle and steer across the ice like on a road,” said a press release from the City of Calgary.

Calgary also announced plans to open a new ice rink in the park for people to ride bikes. Users can start out on the frozen lagoon before venturing onto the path created by running water over the grass.

The new ice path is illuminated with LED lights after sunset, and normal skaters are also allowed on it.

The bikes will be sanitized between each use to prevent transmission of COVID-19, the city added.

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